The Book of Tobit

The Book of Tobit

1:1 The Book of the Words of Tobit The Son of Tobiel.

1:2 Enemessar, king of Assyrians, was taken captive from Thisbe at the right-hand of the city. This be is properly called Nephthali in Galilee over Aser.

1:3 Tobit I Tobit have walked all of my life with the truth and justice. I also gave almsdeeds and a lot of love to my brethren who came with us to Nineve and the land of Assyrians. Movie (

1:4 I was in my home land, Israel being young, and all the Nephthali, my father, was thrown out of Jerusalem. There, the temple of The habitation Of the Most High was consecrated.

1:5 The tribes who resisted all at once, including my father Nephthali’s house, were sacrificed to the Heifer Baal.

1:6 However, I was alone in Jerusalem to the feasts, in the manner that it was prescribed for all Israel by an eternal decree. They had the firstfruits, and tenths of increase in addition to the one that had been first shorn. And they gave me at the altar to the priests the children of Aaron.

1:7 I donated the tenth of my increase to the Aaron sons, who were ministers from Jerusalem. Ten percent was the amount I sold and was given each year to Jerusalem.

1:8 I also gave the third unto them to whomever was able to meet, just as Debora my dad’s mother had commanded.

1:9 I was also born to Tobias when I reached the age for manhood. Petition: Mel Gibson should play Tobit in feature film *

1:10 After we were captivity to Nineve My brothers and members of my family consumed the bread of the Gentiles.

1:11 I was trying to stay away from eating.

1:12 Because I kept in mind God with all my heart.

1:13 The most High gave me grace and favor prior to Enemessar and I could be his spokesman.

1:14 And I went to Media, and then left Gabael the son of Gabrias at Rages the City of Media ten talents of silver.

1:15 Enemessar passed away 1:45 Enemessar died, and Sennacherib his son ruled in his place. His estate was so tense that I couldn’t go into Media However,

1:16 In the time of Enemessar, I gave many bread and alms to my brothers.

1:17 and my clothes were naked; and if any of my nations was dead or was thrown around the walls of Nineve, I buried it.

1:18 If Sennacherib had killed any at the time the time came for him to come, I fled from Judea. I buried them privily, for he wailed over numerous. But the bodies were never found when the king searched them out.

1:19 Then one the Ninevites complained about me to the King, and so I laid them to rest and concealed myself. Knowing that I was sought to be executed, I retreated from the fear.

1:20 My goods were all taken and taken away. There was no other thing than my wife Anna and my child Tobias.

1:21 He was murdered by two of his sons and fled to the mountains of Ararath. Sarchedonus, his son, was the ruler in his place.

1:22 When Achiacharus interacted for me, I returned home to Nineve. Achiacharus was a cupbearer, keeper of the signet and overseer, steward and the accountant. Sarchedonus appointed Sarchedonus as the next to him. He was my brother.

2:1 After I got home my wife Anna and my son Tobias were returned to me at the feast at Pentecost. There was a wonderful meal that was cooked for me and I took my seat.

2:2 As I spied lots of meat, my son said to me “Go and take whatever poor fellow you can find from our brothers who are mindful of the Lord.” And lo, I tarry.

2:3 But he came again, and said, Father we have a nation member who is strangled, and is cast out in the marketplace.

2:4 Then before I had tasted of meat at all, I began to get up, and took him up to a room until sunset of the sun.

2:5 Then I returned, and washed myself, and ate my meat in heaviness,

2:6 Recalling the prophecy of Amos that all your meals will be turned into sorrow and all of your joy will be turned into sorrow,

2:7 Therefore, I wept: and after the going down of the sun I went to make a grave and then buried him.

2:8 My neighbours laughed at me and said, “This man isn’t yet scared to die over this matter who fled? And yet the dead are buried again.”

2:9 Also that night, I returned to the burial and slept on the wall of the courtyard. The air was filthy, and I could see my face

2:10 And I didn’t realize that there was a sparrow on the wall. When mine eyes were opened, the sparrows muck warm dirt into my eyes. A whiteness was evident. I went back to the doctors but they were unable to help me. Achiacharus continued to nourish me, until Elymais.

2:11 My wife Anna took women’s work to do.

2:12 After she had taken the children home to their owners, they paid their wages and gave them a kid.

2:13 And when it was in my house, and started crying, I asked her, From whence is this kid? Is it not stolen? It is illegal to eat anything that was stolen.

2:14 But she said, It was a gift that was more important than the money. I didn’t believe her and she advised me to turn it in to the owners. She replied, “Where is your alms?” You and all your works are now known, behold!

3:3 I wept as I was sad, and I prayed for my soul by saying:

3:2 O LORD, thou art just 3:2; all of thy actions and all thy ways, mercy and truth, are yours, and thou judgest justly and with integrity for the duration of time.

3:3 Remember me and behold me, punish me not for my insinuations and sins as well as the transgressions of my fathers, who have sinned before you:

3:4 For they obeyed not your commands: therefore, thou hast delivered us for a spoil, and unto the captivity of our people, and to death, and as an admonition to all the nations among whom we are dispersed.

3:5 Then thy judgments shall be true and many: Deal with me according to my transgressions and also my fathers’. We haven’t been faithful to your commands, nor have we walked in truth.

3:6 Now therefore treat me in a way that seems most pleasing to you and order my spirit to be taken from me, to dissolve, and become earth: because it’s more profitable to me to die than to live, because I have heard false reproaches, and have much sorrow: command therefore that I may soon be freed from this distress, and enter into the eternal place: turn not thy face away from me.

3:7 It was on the same day that the daughters of her father rebuked the daughter of Raguel in Ecbatane the city in Media Sara;

3:8 It was because she was married to seven men, whom Asmodeus killed before they could have sat with her. They asked whether they were aware that thou had already smothered your husbands. thou hast already seven husbands. Neither was thou named after one of them.

3:9 What is the reason why thou doest beat them in our place? If they are dead go your way after them. Let us never talk about thee as sons or daughters.

3:10 When she heard these things, she was very sorrowful and thought to have strangled herself. She then said”I am the sole child of my father, and should I commit this act will be a reproach to him and I will bring his old age with sorrow unto the tomb.

3:11 She then prayed to the window, and then said: Blessed Art Thou, Lord My God and thy holy, glorious name is honored for ever and let all of your works be praised thee for ever.

3:12 Now, O Lord put my eyes and head toward you.

3:13 and say, “Take Me Out of the Earth So that I may hear No More of the Rejection.

3:14 Thou sagst Lord, that I am clean from any sin.

3:15 I did not pollute my name nor my father’s name while in the land of captivity. I am the sole child of my dad, and he has never given me any children. None of his kin nor sons have ever been born. But if it is not pleasing to you that I be buried, ask for some consideration to be shown to me, and pity taken from me, so to not be subjected to any further criticism.

3:16 The prayers of them both were heard by the majesty of God the supreme God.

3:17 Raphael was sent out to heal them both. He did this by scaling away Tobit’s whiteness and giving Sara the daughter of Raguel as a bride to Tobias who was the son of Tobit. Asmodeus, the evil spirit, was also given to him. Tobit arrived home the next day and entered his residence. Sara the daughter Raguel was then taken down from her upper chamber.

4:1 Tobit was capable of recalling the amount he promised Gabael at Rages of Media.

4:2 He said, “I have wished for death.” Why can’t I contact my son Tobias so that he may be the one to signify my death?

4:3 When the father called his son, he replied”My child, when I am gone, bury myself; but don’t hate your mother. Remember her throughout your life and do what’s the best for her.

4:4 Recall my son, she was aware of numerous dangers in your womb. If she dies I will be buried in a single burial site.

4:5 My child, keep your eyes on the Lord all of your days and don’t sin or transgress his commandments. Live uprightly and don’t follow unrighteous methods.

4:6 If thou act truly, thy doings shall be prosperously successful to you as well as to all who live righteously.

4:7 Don’t forget to give alms out of your source. If thou doesst give alms, don’t let your eyes be jealous. Neither turn thy back on anyone who is needy. The face of God will not be turned from you.

4:8 Give alms if you have plenty. If you only have a little, don’t be afraid to distribute it according to its requirements.

4:9 Thou thou setest a good fortune for thyself to be able to resist the demands of the day.

4:10 For the alms save us from death, and we are not in darkness.

4:11 For alms are a great gift for all who give it in the sight God the Most High.

4:12 Beware of whoredom in all forms My son, and chiefly take a wife of the descendants of your fathers, and take not an unorthodox woman to marry that is not from the tribe of your father because we are the descendants of the prophets: Noe, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Remember, my son, that our fathers from the beginning, even that they all married wives of their own tribe, and were blessed in their children. Their seed shall inherit the land.

4:13 My son: Be a good father to your brother and keep them in your heart. For in pride there’s destruction and great trouble. In sexual immorality, there’s decay and a great need.

4:14 Don’t let anyone’s wages, that he has created for you, bother you. Instead, you should give it to him out of your own hands: God will repay thee if He serves thee.

4:15 Don’t do this to anyone whom thou hatest Don’t drink wine to make you drunken; neither let alcohol hinder thy journeys.

4:16 Offer alms to the hungry; give alms according to your abundance.

4:17 Don’t forget to give the good things to the poor.

4:18 Get advice from wise individuals Don’t be afraid to seek out any advice that is profitable.

4:19 Praise the Lord thy God and seek his guidance, so that all thy paths can be directed and that all your plans and advices will be successful. Each nation isn’t given counsel, but the Lord is the only one who can give positive things to everyone.

4.20 Now I am signalling to them that I’ve committed ten talents Gabael, the son of Gabrias in Media.

4:21 Don’t be afraid, my son, we will become in need. If thou is afraid of God, then thou can be rich.

5:1 Tobias answered then and said, Father I will follow all you have commanded me to do.

5:2 How can I receive the money, seeing I don’t know him?

5:3 After that he handed the writing to the man and told him, “Seek you a gentleman who could go along with thee as long as I reside.He also assured him that he would pay wages and then go and collect the money.

5:4 He discovered Raphael, an angel, when he set out to search for a man.

5:5 He didn’t know. He asked him “Canst you travel to Rages with me? You are familiar with those places,

5:6 An angel said, I will follow thee. I am aware of the right way, because I am lodgee with Gabael.

5:7 Tobias then said to him, Tarry for me, until I tell My Father.

5:8 He then said unto his father “Go and do not tarry.” So he went in and said to his father, Look I have found one which can go with me. Then he said, Call him unto me, that I may know of which tribe he belongs, and whether he be an honest man to travel with you.

5:9 He called him. He entered and offered a salute to the other.

5:10 Tobit then said to him”Brother, tell me which tribe and which family thou is.

5:11 to whom it was said, Doest thou seek a tribe or family, and if yes, an employed man to accompany thy son. Tobit then replied to him: I’d like to know, Brother, thy name and kindred.

5:12 He said, “I am Azarias,” the son Of Ananias The Great and Of Thy Brethren.

5:13 Tobit replied, “Thou art most welcome Tobit replied, “Brother.” He said that Tobit was right.

5:14, Tell Me, what wages shall I give you? wilt thou a drachm a day, and things necessary, as to mine own son?

5:15 Aye, furthermore If you are safe, I will add some to thy pay.

5:16 They were satisfied. Tobias was then told by the angel, prepare yourself for your journey. God will send you an enjoyable journey. When his son was done preparing for the journey his father told him to go with him, and God, the one who is in the heavens. The angels of God will be your companion. So they went forth both with the young man’s dog with them.

5:17 Anna his mother wept and said to Tobit”Why hast you taken our son away? is not he the staff of our hand when he goes in and out before us?

5:18 Do you wish to be greedy? But let it be as an offering to your child.

5:19 For that which the Lord hath given us to live by will be enough for us.

5:20 Tobit told her: Take care, my sister. He shall return safe. Your eyes will be able to see him.

5:21 For the good angel will be with him and his travels will be successful, and he shall return safe.

5:22 She stopped weeping.